DAY 39 – 2/20/12 ISLE DEL SOL

No riding

Today we woke up early at 0730 in order to catch a 0830 ferry to the Isle Del Sol. As we left the hostel, the clouds were dark, but it wasn't raining, but as soon as the boat left it started raining. The ride took 2 hours and was not very rough. It stopped raining and the sun came out about 15 min after we got to the island. The ruins were a nice 45 min hike along the ridge of the island. We had some lunch we packed with us at the ruins, then headed back to catch the 1330 return boat. The boat ride back was about half full so we got to stretch out and lay on the benches. When we got back to town, we bought some gifts and dinner stuff and headed back to the hostel to make dinner.

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