553 km / 102 kph ave / 133 kph max
8 hrs tot / 5:30 hrs mov

Today the ride was pretty much north and we had a northerly headwind all day. It wasn't nearly as bad as the stiff crosswinds we faced earlier in the week though. It took a toll on our mpg, but not our neck and shoulders. We took Hwy 33 north out of the city, then angled towards Bs. As. on Hwy 205.

This was a nice road through farmland and had very little traffic. We had our 4th fill up of the day at a station just past Saladillo, about 200 km south of Bs. As. We asked if we could camp there and were told we could camp out back for the night. Just after we got our gear unpacked, a new person came and said the bossman overruled their decision. By this point, we were already mentally prepared to be done riding for the day, so we headed across the street to a grove of trees off the road where we were able to set up and enjoy a nice supper and quiet evening with no one bothering us.

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