DAY 4 – 1/16/12 SANTIAGO --> CHILLAN

415 km / 88.6 kph ave / 129 kph max / 78,44 mpg
6:53 hrs tot / 4:40 mov

This morning came with plenty of excitement, and a little bit of nervousness on my part. I just hoped everything went smoothly. The hotel shuttle driver took us to the cargo company’s office to pick up the Airway Bill that came with the bikes. This package of stamped papers also included our original titles. After about 10 min and $70USD each we had our paperwork and were on our way to the airport. It was good we were there early, as the customs office at the airport was open from 0900-1345 and 1500-1630. It would be our first of many examples of the all important Siesta! The paperwork here took about an hour. After everything was signed and stamped in quadruplicate, we were finally reunited with our babies!

The warehouse workers were very nice and allowed us to reassemble our bikes there and took care of our used bike crates for us.

The only catch was the $80 USD fee per bike. Still not sure what that was for, but who cares…we have our bikes!

Back at the hotel we did our final packing with the luggage we had left there this morning.

Once ready to go, we hit Hwy 5 and pointed south. We were excited to finally be riding and looking to make up for lost time. After about 10 miles of stop and go construction traffic, we were able to make good time, just stopping at the fuel oases along the way.

We arrived at Chillan at 2200 but were still riding high on adrenaline, so we took a walk through the sleepy town and had a cervaza to celebrate the successful day.

By the end of the day we enjoyed a well deserved comfortable hotel with secure parking for $60 USD.


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  2. What bikes did you take? If you knew then what you know now, what bikes would you take? Size and comfort incl reliability.
    Cheers Steve