DAY 20 – 2/1/12 CEIBAS --> GUAVIRAVI

Again, we followed Route 14 the whole way, but Google Maps doesn't recognize that as a viable route.

500 km / 88.1 kph ave / 136 kph max
7:30 hrs tot / 5:40 hrs mov

Today started out very promising, with sunny skies and temps in the high 80's. All of our previously wet gear was dried for the most part.

The nice weather would not last long, though, because an hour into the ride it was raining again. This was not the blinding downpour of yesterday, but a constant shower, nonetheless. The rain finally tapered off in the afternoon, and we stopped to camp at a free gas station campsite.

Ben showed off his camping skills by lighting a fire with flint and steel and devised a sock rack to dry out our wet socks.

Dinner was a couple packs of camp food plus some Argentina beer.

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