DAY 23 – 2/4/12 IQUAZU --> CERRO AZUL

484 km / 75.5 kph ave / 137 kph max
9:30 hrs tot / 6:23 hrs mov

We wanted to try a new route for the way back south, so on the advice of some locals we took Ruta 101 out of Iquazu. I'm glad we did, because it was one of the best roads we've been on to date. It was a beautiful red dirt road through the jungle that lasted for 60 km.

We stopped for gas in a small boarder town with Brazil, San Antonio where we meet a very nice owner who gave us pens and key chains and was very happy to learn about our trip. This is also where we noticed dad's tire was on its last leg. He had a new tire waiting for him at Dakar Motos in Bs. As., so we just had to make it a couple more days.

After joining Ruta 14 we continued until we saw a tourist information stand near the town of Cerro Azul. The stand was closed, but the janitor called someone who worked there and she found us a great room to avoid the rain for the night for only $100 Arg pesos.

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