I rode a 2008 BMW G 650 X-Country with the following hardware and modifications:
• Evaporation canister removal
• Leo Vince Exhaust
• Alaska Leathers Sheep Skin seat cover
• Rubber throttle palm rest
• Xpel Vinyl Headlight Protector
• 6000k H4 Headlight Bulb
• UNI Foam Air Filter
• Shorai LFX Lithium Battery
• SW-Motech Luggage rack with Hepco & Becker Top-plate
• Hepco & Becker Side luggage racks
• Wolfman Expedition Dry Bags
• BMW Tank Bag
• Hepco & Becker 42L Top Case
• R&G Racing Tail Tidy
• Stephan Scheffelmeier Skid Plate
• Hot Rod welding 7L X-tank
• Highway Dirtbikes Hand Gaurds
• Wunderlich Windscreen
• Wunderlich Windscreen Extender
• Wunderlich Front Fender Extender
• Garmin Zumo 550 GPS
• Chatterbox X1 communicator
• Continental Rear Air Shock from BMW X-Challenge
• Touratech Chain Guide
• SW-Motech X-Challenge Center Stand (Shortened for X-Country)
• Metzler Tourance Tires with Slime in tubes

My dad rode a 2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 with the following hardware and modifications:
Easily removable trip items
• Maier Cyclone windshield
• Wunderlich wind deflector
• Givi tank bag
• Homemade aluminum saddle bag support rack
• Wolfman Expedition dry bags
• Ducati luggage rack
• Sea-Line wide mouth dry duffle top bag
• Garmin Zumo 550 GPS
• Chatterbox X1 communicator
• Alaska Leather sheepskin seat cover

• Evaporation canister removal - 1
• Side stand switch removal - .2
• Motowheels Aluminum rear subframe - 8
• Spark dual carbon fiber mufflers - 7
• Ducati front pipes/cat eliminator - 5
• Ducati racing ECM 0
• Evotech tail tidy - 1.8
• Partplaza LED rear light w/ integrated turn signals - .3
• Bikemaster cushion hand grips - .2
• Supersprox 45 tooth rear sprocket (ratio goes from 2.73/1 to 3/1) - .5
• Shorai lithium/iron battery - 3
• Zeta hand guards w/ integral LED turn signals 0
• MCMotoparts bar end mirrors - .2
-27.2 lbs

What I consider permanent additions
• California cycle works 22.6L fuel tank +1.5
• Home made aluminum skid pan + .8
• EVOTech oil cooler protector + .2
• Pyramid front fender extender + .2
• Home made PVC inner rear fender + .2
• Sargent aftermarket seat 0
• Xpel vinyl headlight protector 0
• Dunlop D616 Tires 0
• Rubber throttle palm rest 0
• Tire Slime + 1

Original dry weight 368 lbs
New dry weight 345 lbs

My uncle Bill rode a 2009 Aprillia SL 750 Shiver that was basically stock with the exception of hand guards, windscreen, oil cooler cover, and a homemade skid pan and rear fender.


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