We woke up around 0800 still eager to get the bikes. Unfortunately after checking the status of the shipment online, it appears we won’t be able to get them until after the weekend, on Monday. We took this news with disappointment, but were determined to make the best out of the next two days. We took a taxi to the bus station and got a ticket to Vina del Mar.

This is a nice beach city I remembered from my last visit to Chile on 2005.

We explored the city by foot for about 4 hours, then took the bus back to Santiago and a cab to our next hotel downtown. After breaking into our stash of camping wine, we headed to Pio Nono Street to enjoy some Saturday night festivities. The bars in Chile are open all night and the bands usually don’t come on until around midnight. As it was only around 2100, we enjoyed our Pisco Sours while others around us were still working on dinner.

On the way back, Bill stopped to ask for directions.

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