488 km / 81.1 kph ave / 128 kph max
10 hrs tot / 6 hrs mov / 1 border crossing

Today was hot, but no rain, which was nice. We got to the border at Salto Grande around 1100. There was a 40 min delay at the crossing because my dad's temporary import permit had my bike's info on it. When the Arg aduana (customs) officers made the forms in Patagonia, the gave us each a copy to take and they kept one with them. Apparently both copies of mine got sent with us, and both copies of my dad's got kept with them. Luckily, we were able to convince them it was really his bike and they let us go on our way. The Salto Grande is the name of the dam we drove over that crosses the Rio Uruguay.

The roads in Uruguay were nice, especially Ruta 24 and 55. They reminded me of Rt 94 in Argentina. The gas was just slightly more expensive than Argentina, but nearly everyone took credit cards. We arrived in CdS around 1945 (after the hr time change) and checked into a hotel, got cleaned up and went out for a walk and dinner. I had a terrific steak, but Ben's was a bit chewy. Unlike Argentina, Uruguay goes to bed quite a bit earlier and all the shops and cafes were closed by 2200.

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