DAY 21 – 2/2/12 GUAVIRAVI --> IQUAZU

563 km / 93.4 kph ave / 148 kph max
8 hrs tot / 6 hrs mov

We got some sprinkles overnight, but not enough to wet the ground. Just as we packed everything up, it started to sprinkle, so we geared up in our rain suits and hoped for the best.

Although the rain threatened, it never showed up. The road to Iguazu was nice because there were passing lanes every few kms to allow the faster traffic to easily get around the trucks and buses. As dad and Ben were passing a semitruck, it had a blowout on one of its outer tires and rubber debris smacked dad's bike and Ben's shin. Luckily, Ben was wearing high boots and didn’t get hurt. The rubber hit dad's front forks and ripped a reflector off before bending his rear brake lever back as well. Everyone was ok, but I'm sure it was a scary moment for those two.

After arriving at our hostel and checking in for two nights, we took a walk to where the Iquazu and ParanĂ¡ rivers meet and Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil are all visible.

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