475 km / 79.6 kph ave / 138 max
8:30 hrs tot / 6 hrs mov

Hooray, a day of 100% asphalt! As you can see from our low moving average, we were in gas conservation mode. The previous night, we foolishly put all 3 L of gas that Carl gave us into dad’s bike even though his tank holds 5.5 L more than mine. Along the way there is a tourist stop of the old hotel at Lake Leona, where all the tour buses stop, but unfortunately the gift shop did not sell gasolina.

During the 165 km stretch to El Calafate, we kept our speed strictly under 75 kph and even killed the engine to coast down some big hills in neutral. I finally made it to the gas station in on fumes. It had been 325 miles since our last fill up, and I used 20.1 of my 21 L on that leg for a 61.4 mpg average – not bad.

The road from El Calafate to Rio Gallegos was where we experienced our first sustained strong winds.

This picture was taken after a bathroom break with me pointing straight ahead (my back to the camera) and the wind blowing left to right.

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