DAY 38 – 2/19/12 EL ALTO --> COPACABANA

170 km / 57 kph ave / 110 kph max
4 hrs tot / 3 hrs mov / 1 ferry crossing

We took a taxi ride from El Alto to La Paz in order to pick up my front brake pads for $800 Bs. A big thanks to Julio for coming in on a weekend and meeting me with the brake pads. The taxi ride into and out of the city was pretty impressive. I can see why it is called the city in the clouds. We were definitely glad we weren't trying to navigate the confusing streets without the benefit of GPS directions.

Back on our bikes heading out of town around 1200 we passed through a shower, but it only lasted about 10 minutes. Interestingly, when there was a raining/low visibility situation in Argentina 9 out of 10 cars would drive with their headlights on. Here in Bolivia it is the opposite and only 1 in 10 cars actually uses their headlights. the ferry crossing was a unique experience on a ramshackle barge (10Bs. each). There were large trucks and buses crossing, so they must be plenty robust. The ride from the ferry to Copacabana was great, as we were riding a ridge with Lake Titicaca on both sides.

Once in town, we found a local welder who fixed my right mirror for $10 Bs. and stayed in a hostel with secure parking.

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